Nine Glens of Antrim

Not even the most imaginative scriptwriter could conjure a realm of such beauty and diversity. Patchwork valleys, heather covered peat bogs, tumbling waterfalls and sweeping vista – the nine Glens Of Antrim are picture perfect. Steeped in tradition, and each with an enchanting and evocative name, The Glens (as they are more commonly known) cling precariously to a bygone era where man and nature successfully co-existed.
Covering over 80km, from the Antrim Plateau to the coast, Glenariff is perhaps the best known of the nine with its forest park, waterfalls, and 40 shades of green sweeping majestically down to the village of Waterfoot.

The Nine Glens of Antrim: Glenarm – Glen of the army; Glencloy – Glen of the hedges; Glenariff – The fertile glen; Glenballyeamon – Edwardstown glen; Glenaan – Glen of the little fords; Glencorp – Glen of the slaughtered; Glendun – Glen of the brown river; Glenshesk – Glen of the sedges (reeds); Glentaisie – The glen of Taisie of the bright sides